There are few things in the world as incredible as private island ownership.  The concept of having your own secluded land, detached from civilization, and the only noise you hear is the wind blowing through palm trees and the gentle lapping of waves against your beach.  You can set your own rules, design your own dreams and imagine all the possibilities. At night every star is visible and the smell of the sea is a constant reminder that you are surrounded on all sides by the beautiful waters of the Bahamas.

For many, the dream is vivid, however, not always considered, is the level of adventure encountered to visit, choose and ultimately purchase your own private island in the Bahamas. So you want to own a Bahamas private island? That is the first of many decisions that need consideration as there are many different options in The Bahamas for private island ownership.

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Private islands for sale in the Bahamas come in all sizes, shapes, price, topography and development levels.  While many of our islands are 100% vacant and completely undeveloped, we also boast several islands at different stages of development.  There is much to consider when choosing a private island that it can be overwhelming.  You need an experienced broker who is knowledgeable on every island for sale in the Bahamas. by Engel & Volkers Bahamas is the leading specialist in Private Island sales in the Bahamas.  There can be 25, 35 or even 40 islands for sale at any given time, some are widely promoted others are privately for sale.  Each island has specific characteristics and you need to ensure you are dealing with a broker that knows the distinct details of each island.  Bahamas Islands only represents private islands in the Bahamas.  Our Private Island brokers are the top private island real estate brokers.  This site focuses on private islands for sale and versus broader real estate sites dealing with thousands of listings of all types and features.  We only focus on private islands for sale in the Bahamas and are intricately experienced on every detail of each island.  No question ever goes unanswered and we are with you during the entire process including organizing travel to the view the islands, submitting and negotiating offers, partnering you with the right contractors and managers and coordinating an attorney to handle the sale and seemingly effortless closing.

There are a few different main decisions that need to be made when deciding on a private island.  You may not be familiar with what type of island you truly want until you have visited your list of islands for sale in The Bahamas.  We work with you to create a viewing list based on several considerations that we discuss in detail with you.


There are many private islands in the Bahamas for sale that already have been developed with a home, or several homes and cottages.  Although these islands are more expensive, they often have income opportunities as Bahamas private islands for rent is a steadily growing market.

We can handle the management and leasing of your private island in the Bahamas.  In your absence, you can feel confident that your island is being maintained and marketed as a luxury rental to high-end clientele.  Private islands for sale in the Bahamas that have been fully developed with residences and infrastructure are turn-key and ready for immediate use.

Private island transactions can close in as little as 60 days.  We are proactive in ensuring the closing process moves quickly and smoothly and you are walking on your private island beach in no time.


Landing strips on private islands are expensive to install and if an island does not already possess one, government approval is challenging.  Application for a landing strip would need to be accompanied with your overall development plans.   All private island owners do have to stop at the nearest island with customs and immigrations clearance before traveling on to their home.


Private islands for sale in the Bahamas with homes and landing strips are generally going to be the most valuable.  The more infrastructure a private island has, the more value to a purchaser.  In some cases, the landing strips may be in need of repair.  All expenses should be considered.


If you have decided to purchase a private island in the Bahamas for sale that is void of development you still have several more choices to make. Bahamas private islands come in different sizes, topography and in different regions of the country.

You will need to review the accessibility of the island. For most undeveloped private islands in the Bahamas, a seaplane is the easiest solution if there is not a nearby out-island you can fly into and travel by boat. Seaplane charters are readily available from Nassau and we can assist in making all of these arrangements. Applications can be made to the government for approval to build a dock or a runway. Private Islands for Sale, Bahamas Private Islands for Sale, Private Islands for Sale Bahamas, Buying a Private Island, Private Islands for Sale in the Bahamas, Private Islands with Landing Strips.  There are developed islands with amazing deep-water dock systems and even natural or engineered harbours. Approvals for building docks will depend on the water access to the island and environmental impact. Application can be made to dredge access to the island so you may take a motor yacht direct to your island.

The size of the island needs to be considered to ensure it will suit your development needs, whether that is residential or commercial. It is important when purchasing Private islands for sale in the Bahamas, that you work with an experienced broker and a reputable attorney. This can make the difference between an efficient purchase process and an impossible one. was created to work exclusively with private island buyers and sellers.

After size and accessibility, Private Islands in the Bahamas come in many types of topography. Some islands have elevations that allow construction on a high point of the island with 360-degree views of the ocean. Many private islands for sale in the Bahamas have more rocky shore than beach, and the more expensive islands have quality sandy beaches on their coastlines. There are even private islands for sale in the Bahamas with rare natural harbours.. 


Private Islands for Sale in the Bahamas for Family use

If you are wondering if a private island is the right decision for a family the answer is a definite yes!  Many owners have developed their island with family in mind.  What child would not want to spend time with his family fishing, snorkeling, paddle-boarding or jet skiing? The options available for creating a fun family residence on a private island in the Bahamas are endless.  However, if you prefer a turn-key property, we have several developed islands ideal for families.


We help secure the property management of Bahamas private islands and also offer rental services to high-end clientele.  If you choose, we can include your property in our “Bahamas Private Islands for Rent” listings.   We handle complete property leasing services so in your absence you can be assured that your private island is being marketed in order to maintain a steady cash flow.

Islands for Sale in the Bahamas for Commercial Development

There are several private islands in the Bahamas that are hundreds of acres in size and lend themselves more to commercial development than they do residential.   The highest and best use for a large private island in the Bahamas would be a mix use resort and residential development.   Larger private islands can sustain runways, marinas and roads.  Applications for government approvals are needed to acquire land for commercial development in the Bahamas.

No matter what type of island you desire, every private island buyer is unique and our services are as unique as our clients.  We understand the level of detail, information and inspections required to identify and purchase a private island.   We also specialize in being able to efficiently close a sale and offer services to maintain and lease a private island after purchase.

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