Selling your Private Island

As much as owning private islands are a dream for many, they are not for every body.  Whether your private island was purchased for personal use or as an investment, specialised marketing is necessary to properly market your private island to the right buyer.  We take a multifaceted approach to Selling your Private Island.

With Bahama Islands by Engel & Volkers Bahamas, we have years of experience marketing luxury properties for sale.  We are capable of selling your private island using many marketing options available to create the right strategy for your property.

Unique to Private islands we will ad a customized keyword website with strategic url.  Additionally, we will add branding services when needed.

Our Agents, Promotion to other Brokers and Professionals, MLS

Our Marketing plan for selling your private island starts with our specialized and experienced luxury sales staff who are extremely knowledgeable working with private island buyers and sellers.  We also know that outside of our firm, we know the importance of your private island being represented on the MLS system in the Bahamas as well as to agents around the world using  We will work with Brokers and Professionals locally within the Bahamas as well as internationally to ensure your property exposure reaches quailed buyers in the Bahamas and around the world.

Website Marketing

We will place your private island on the first photo position on our home page with a direct link to the property listing, therefore your property can be viewed by clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week and all visitors to the website will receive the property as their first impression.  We have created an amazing website that uses the most modern SEO and Digital Marketing technology to reach prospective buyers that are actually searching for Private Islands for Sale not only in the Bahamas but internationally.  

Although we only sell Bahamas Private Islands, we want the opportunity to convince a potential buyer looking elsewhere for an acquisition that the Bahamas is the number one place to purchase a private island in the entire world.  Today information is at our fingertips and we know the importance of locating those clients through their online searches.  Be rest assured, that we are at the top of our game when it comes digital marketing and being easily found by online searches for Private Islands for Sale.


Social Media

Social Media and search engine marketing is targeted to position the property to key search terms and prospective buyers. We will promote direct links to the property listing on all search engines to ensure top ranking. Other companies promote their home page website, we will direct the link straight to the property giving the listing primary exposure.  

Images we use in Social Media will link direct to your Private Island listing.  We also perform strategic digital marketing to your individual listing.  Basically, your listing is it’s own web platform allowing us to work at ranking it in major search engines through the listing presentation and the links we create between images and content in social media. Your Private Island for Sale listing becomes a star!  It stands alone and becomes a powerful marketing venue for buyers internationally that are searching the internet to buy private islands.  If someone is looking for luxury Bahamas real estate in the form of a Private Island for Sale, we will work tirelessly to ensure your property gets in front of that prospective buyer,

We will development a Facebook social media site for Selling your Private Island, including targeting the South American market through a Spanish only Facebook page (these can be transferred to the next owner).  We will place regular social media ads targeting accurate demographics and countries of origin to attract qualified prospects.

Public Relations

A public relations strategy for release to domestic and international media including but not limited to:

  • Listing Launch
  • Communication with Government Officials who meet potential investors and can refer these investors to us
  • Information to local media

Each private island seller is unique and we will work with you to devise the best marketing campaign for selling your private island.  Over marketing, or the wrong type of marketing, can devalue the luxury aspect of a Private Island for Sale.  Selling your private island in the Bahamas will take a professional and detailed approach to ensure that all marketing material is properly branded and projects a high end feel.  Bahamas Islands by Engel & Volkers Bahamas are experts on Private Island sales and our efforts are the best possible option for the successful sale of your property.

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