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Abaco Cave Diving

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Adventure underground

The caves of Abaco, simply offer the most diverse diving adventure in the world. Theyrovide experiences for any level of diver and are literally full of marine life such as lobster, crab, shrimp and natural sponges.

The caves and sinkholes in Abaco, can reach depths of up to 300 feet, and are known as “Blue Holes” because of their colour, the caves are not only good for diving, they also offer some interesting snorkelling too.

The Bight of Old Robinson in Little Harbour is a favourite for experienced divers and has several caves in its shallows, which are accessible by dinghy. If you dive Sawmill Sink in south Abaco you may even be lucky enough to see the remains of prehistoric creatures that once lived in the ocean.

These fascinating blue holes were once sinkholes that formed on land and are now filled with water, the original sinkholes were formed during past ice ages, when ocean water was frozen, causing the sea levels to drop around 400 feet lower than they are now.

It was when the earth started to warm up again and the rain waters came and eroded coastal limestone rock many of the openings collapsed and filled with saltwater, creating these wonderful underwater caves you will see today.

Dan’s Cave in Abaco, is easily one of the most fascinating dive sites in the world, with over 17,000 feet of passage and a series of 26 large rooms, it is impossible to explore all of the cave, as explorer Fred Davis found out. The mystery surrounding this cave is as amazing as the ecosystems and marine life that inhabit it.

Divers who come to the Bahamas soon realise that some of the best diving in the world is right under their feet, Abaco caves certainly deserve this label. The sheet size and beauty of the rooms in these inland caves, coupled with the stunning blue holes in Abaco can compete with any dive site in the world.

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