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Fowl Cay

The island with a difference

1648 Bar and Grille1648 Bar and Grille

– Fowl Cay –

The island with a difference.

When you discover Fowl Cay, you will immediately realise that you are on an island with a difference, providing you with the ultimate in relaxation, no crowds, no hotels, and no noise. Just you, your family, miles of crystal clear waters and acres of natural beauty for you to explore.

Fowl Cay is a vacation destination that dreams are made of, with the perfect blend of relaxation and activities. This is the place to come if you enjoy peace and serenity and want to make the most of your family time.
Although you will likely head to the beach to relax, when you need a break from soaking up the rays, there are lots of activities to enjoy such as Kayaking, Sailing, Paddle Boarding, Windsurfing, Beach cycling, Snorkelling and diving

You can also get a game of tennis, in fact this is the only island in this part of the Exumas with a tennis court, and you can find it in the middle of the island.

Fowl Cay is very accessible, with flights direct from Florida, and Nassau into Staniel Cay Airstrip, which is just a short but breathtaking boat ride away from the Cay, so getting here is even enjoyable!
If you want to stay longer, or would like to buy your own piece of paradise here, we have a selection of beautiful beachfront properties for sale and rent here.

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