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Harbour Island Beach Weddings

A great place to say "I do"

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A great place to say “I do”

If you are looking for a dream wedding location surrounded by stunning scenery and beautiful ocean, a wedding on Harbour Island could be the perfect choice.

This paradise setting with clear blue skies above, turquoise water all around and soft powdery white and pink sands underfoot make this one of the most phenomenal locations to say “I Do” in the world.

Harbour Island has several wedding planners and resorts that can help to plan your big day down to the very smallest detail, ensuring that your wedding day is extraordinary. Imagine walking across the powdery beach, hearing the waves lapping against the shore and listening to your favourite song while you approach your sweetheart to declare your love for each other, what could be more perfect than this?

This is a tiny island (at only 3.5 miles long) with a big personality and plenty of charm, it is famous for its sprawling coastline, stunning colonial style architecture, modern amenities, excellent dining opportunities, and has long been a popular getaway for those that want something special in a vacation.

Harbour Island is only accessible by boat, the main mode of transport is golf carts, and with plenty of cays, reefs, beaches, parks, botanical gardens, churches and other locations including one haunted house, there are endless options for the location of your wedding.

The laid back atmosphere, chic and glamour, are all a part of what makes Harbour Island so special for weddings.

There are of course several requirements for getting married in the Bahamas: Couples must present valid passports, birth certificates, and a valid photo ID, such as a driving license. Divorce and death decrees are also required if applicable. Check with your wedding specialist for more details.

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