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Little girl and young mom relaxing at beach

Let the kids run wild

On Lighthouse Beach you can truly relax

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Let the kids run wild on Lighthouse Beach

It’s not often that you visit a place which is so beautiful that it makes you question your life priorities. A trip to Lighthouse Beach will often make you do just that. The stresses of life can quickly seem to melt away as you take in the beauty and have fun with the family.

Often considered the most breathtaking beach on mainland Eleuthera, an island with no shortage of spectacular sandy stretches, Lighthouse Beach could easily compete for the best in The Bahamas. The area, a two hour or so drive south of Governor’s Harbour is so treasured that locals have sought to have it declared a protected area by the government.

Located on the very southern tip of Eleuthera getting to the deserted beach involves a bit of a trek but the long and rugged drive is more than worth the effort (an SUV is the best mode of transport for reaching Lighthouse Beach). Prepare in advance and pack a cooler of drinks, food and snacks.

Once there activities like fishing, snorkeling, climbing the majestic limestone rock formations, floating in the crystal clear waters – it’s where the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans collide – or just exploring over three miles of uninterrupted beach will make sure the kids are tired out for a good night’s sleep. Bring a mask and snorkel, fishing rod, boogie board, water floats and beach umbrella for full enjoyment.

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