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Musha Cay

The beating heart of the Exuma Cays

1648 Bar and Grille1648 Bar and Grille
1648 Bar and Grille1648 Bar and Grille

– Musha Cay –

The beating heart of the Exuma Cays.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation with a difference, look no further than Musha Cay. This 150 acre island is owned entirely by the illusionist David Copperfield. In true magical style, he has made the island into a luxury resort that can be rented out, be aware that you are not renting a property here, you will be renting the whole island!

The island can accommodate  a maximum of 24 guests. Musha Cay is not his only venture into the Bahamas, Mr. Copperfield also owns 11 islands in an area known as “Copperfield Bay”.

When you vacation on this island, you are sure to enjoy some of the crazy activities included, from the “Musha Olympic Games” (which include swimming races, and egg and water balloon throwing) to the “Musha Secret Hero Alliance” laser tag competition, and journey to the “Thunderball Grotto” boat ride.

The island resort has five plantation style villas, a restaurant and guest clubhouse where you will most likely spend your evenings. The island’s design is a mixture of English Colonial architecture and tropical flair. Copperfield admits that he has designed many elements based on resorts he has visited in the past.

Al-fresco dining in perfect year round temperatures, beautiful private beaches, an outdoor movie theatre on the beach, and water-sports are just some of the things that await you at Musha Cay. The staff are there to cater to your every whim, so you can relax and completely switch off during your stay!

You will be in good company here, as your neighbours include Johnny Depp, and Nicolas Cage who also own Cays in the Bahamas, although none quite as spectacular as this one!

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