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Little Whale Cay

Look no further

1648 Bar and Grille1648 Bar and Grille

– Little Whale Cay –

Look no further.

For an indulgent, relaxing, tailor made vacation, look no further than Little Whale Cay, a fully staffed private island that allows you to have everything you could want in the vacation of a lifetime.

The island is located in the Berry islands in the heart of the Bahamas and has 3 luxury villas accommodating a total of 12 guests. Little Whale Cay is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and beautiful white sand beaches, it has a private airstrip and harbour complete with fishing boats, cruising boats, water sports equipment and a team of 13 that includes a professional chef and masseur.

You can do just about anything you want to during your stay on Little Whale Cay, whether you want to enjoy the peace of the sea-view infinity pool, play tennis, practice yoga, or go for a workout in the gym, this island and the staff offers every opportunity for you to indulge yourself in whatever you desire.

This private island is fully secure, tranquil and will provide privacy, relaxation and a much needed escape to all who stay. For the more adventurous, the island does have another side to it which will invigorate the soul, while being safe and secure in your own island kingdom!

Food is flown in regularly to make fresh, delicious dishes daily. The chefs are there to please your culinary wishes, so feel free to make any request you desire during your stay, your chef will be only too happy to create your own personal menu.

The three villas on the island are perfect for a luxury getaway, all of which have bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, studies, WIFI, satellite internet, telephone facilities, satellite television, living/dining room, state of the art audio/visual equipment, a bar, barbecue area and the chefs accommodation.

The island is served by the Lt. Whale Cay Airport (ICAO: MYBX) and by a small harbour. Travel to the island is straightforward from Nassau or Ft. Lauderdale

Renting Little Whale Cay allows you and your guests to do as much or as little as you want, so sit back, relax or go explore and experience, the attentive staff will help make it a vacation to remember.

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